Natural products are often a preferred choice of remedy over chemically-formulated products. These type of products, also called nutraceuticals, are sometimes used due to their effectiveness and the fact that they do not cause some of the more severe side-effects that have been associated with prescription and over-the-counter medication. These products only contain organic ingredients, which makes them a safe choice. At America Medic & Science AMS, we produce 100% natural products. All of our ingredients and raw materials are sourced from some of the most trusted suppliers of natural ingredients in the US. Our main aim is to ensure the quality and safety of our customers, thus we promise our customers that we only use premium ingredients in each formula we manufacture. We also ensure each ingredient that is included in our formulas have gone through extensive clinical trials in order to proof that they are not only effective, but also safe for human consumption. Should any ingredients fail these tests, we promise not to include them in any of our formulas.

After purchasing organic ingredients from our suppliers, we always run thorough tests on them in order to ensure they are safe for human consumption. We also uphold high quality manufacturing standards to ensure every product are of premium quality. We have been manufacturing premium-quality nutraceutical products since 2007 and have upheld our high-quality standards from the very first day of operation.

Our team of experts has more than 30 years of experience working with organic ingredients, researching the advantages and disadvantages of these ingredients and determining the best formulations for specific functions. We also hold several certifications that provide our customers ease of mind and also provides evidence that we take the quality of our products and their manufacturing process seriously.


Our manufacturing facilities currently hold the following certifications.



                                           (Good Manufacturing Practice) Compliant.        





                                          (Food and Drug Administration) Registered. 




                                         (National Science Foundation) Registered.




                                         (National Products Association) member.



                                                        NPA GMP Certified


To further ensure the quality and safety of our customers, we test each of our formulas after the manufacturing process in order to ensure they are of high quality, effective when taken as recommended and safe to consume. Should any possible side-effects be present or any cautions be noted during the testing process of a certain product, we will ensure the customer knows about these by implementing the cautions directly on the product’s label.

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